Honorary Degree of Doctor of Literature received by Brendan from UCD

Brendan Halligan with Professor Brigid Laffan, receiving an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Literature from UCD

While Brendan Halligan holds a Masters in Economics from University College Dublin, and has written broadly on the subject, he has also produced a diverse body of work in the areas of politics and history.  In addition, he has written as an advocate of Ireland’s role in Europe and on international renewable energy issues.

In 2010, was granted an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Literature by University College Dublin, and this year, his first collection of writings is available from Scáthán Press.

His essays and reflections derive from years of writing speeches and papers, not only on strictly political and economic themes, but also that of contemporary history and of early Ireland.

WWW-Cover-200x300He studied Early Irish history, language an culture in Trinity College, Dublin as a mature student, and has a particular interest in early Irish poetry and the sagas, especially the Táin Bó Cuailgna.  His collected essays on the theme will be available in September 2015 as a book, entitled Wonder Wisdom and War.

For a selection of his papers on historical subjects, just click on the images below.  Wonder, Wisdom and War will be available in paperback, Kindle and e-Book formats in September, but in the meantime click below for downloadable PDF versions of some of work.   Also see the Publications and Books pages.



The Democratic Prog. and the First Dáil


Building Democracy: The Johnson Years


The Criminal Law Jurisdiction Bill








Great Exhaltation:  the beginings of writing in Early Irish by Brendan Halligan

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Photo credits:  University College, Dublin