Wonder, Wisdom and War

WWW-Cover-350x500Wonder Wisdom and War

By Brendan Halligan

Wonder Wisdom and War covers four main themes:  the beginnings of writing in Old Irish;  an examination of the old Irish  “Wisdom texts,” or advice on the appropriate mores and ethics of the old Gaelic hierarchy; status in early Irish society with particular attention paid to its “hierarchial, inegalitarian and artistocratic” nature;  and finally an examination of the controversary over dating The Ulster Cycle.  To purchase a copy, click on a link below or order from your local book store.

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For downloadable PDFs of individual chapters of this title, see below.

Great Exhaltation:
The Beginnings of Writing in Old Irish;

Hierarchical, Inegalitarian, Aristocratic:
status in early Irish society;

Advice From A Princely In-Law:
the Wisdom texts in old Irish;

A Window On The Iron Age:
the controversy over dating The Ulster Cycle.