In 1974, Brendan Halligan and film maker Jim Mulkerns, made a stark and memorable short film portraying the city of Dublin at the time – which was in a state of poverty and disrepair.  In 2014, to mark the 40th Anniversary of the film, Brendan Halligan, in association with the Irish Film Archive, will release a digitised version of the film, containing all the original footage filmed by Jim Mulkerns and cameraman Val Ennis, accompanied by a a new musical soundtrack by Josh Johnston.  The official release of the film’s new version is Winter, 2014, but take a pre-release view here:

Capital City – Dublin from Cyberscribe on Vimeo.

Reflections on Capital City:

“An extraordinarily evocative and yet unflinching portrait of Dublin in 1974, Capital City is bereft of sentimentality in its depiction of parts of the city that look more derelict than if they had been left in ruins in the aftermath of a war.”
– Dermot Bolger, writer and playright

“A striking film … a rejoinder to the cheerfully vapid image of the city being proffered so widely at the time.”
– Harvey O’Brien,  film scholar
The Real Ireland: The Evolution of Ireland in Documentary Film.  Manchester University Press.