Brendan Halligan, Irish Politician and Economist

Brendan Halligan as General Secretary of the Irish Labour Party

Brendan Halligan has been a key player in the nation’s political developments since he became Political Director and subsequently Secretary of the Labour Party in 1967.

Appointed to the Senate in 1973, he won the Dublin South West By-Election in 1976 and was co-opted to the European Parliament in 1983. He helped create the national Coalition Government of 1973-77 and was Director of Elections for the Labour Party in various General, Local and European elections.

In more recent years, he has remained at the forefront of political affairs in his role as Chairman of the Institute of International and European Affairs and as Campaign Co-ordinator of “Ireland for Europe” in the Lisbon II referendum in 2010.

Brendan Halligan is also a keen historian, and has written a number of papers on historical and present-day politics in Ireland. See the Publications page for more details.

For samples of some of Brendan’s essays, please click on the images below:


Five Days in Labour Party History

The Ulster of Tomorrow

The Ulster
of Tomorrow


Democratic Prog
and the 1st-Dáil


Life After
Fianna Fáil

Democracy Under Attack: MacGill School 2018 by Brendan Halligan

Democracy Under Attack

The New Republic Speech in Retrospect