Renewable Energy

Renewable energy at home and internationally is of deep concern to Brendan Halligan

Developments in renewable energy at home and internationally are of deep concern to Brendan Halligan; he served for seven years as Chair of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and is currently on the Board of Directors of  Mainstream Renewable Energy.

Within the Institute of International and European Affairs, he set up the Climate Change and Environment Group, which is extremely active in organising events and publishing reports.

He follows the work of the IPCC closely and promotes low carbon policies in power generation and transmission. A strong advocate of Ireland becoming a major exporter of wind power, he has lectured extensively on the matter for the past six years. 

Brendan Halligan has written papers on this subject, and has several Powerpoint Presentations available, to see them please click on the links below:


Out of the Red Towards the Green

Europe’s Energy Exporter

Empowering Ireland’s Energy Exports

Wind Power:  Ireland’s Export Opportunity